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“Unless you’re really making decisions with data driven information, you’re chasing ghosts.”

– Braly Joy, GM, Cultivation Labs

EZ Micro Labs™ is a quality control systems company specializing in microbial testing for cultivation facilities. We’ve created an easy-to-use portable microbial contamination testing lab, The Growbial System™. Our in-house testing lab provides efficacy in detecting microorganisms that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Utilizing FDA compliant laboratory equipment, EZ Micro Labs The Growbial System, specializes in detecting microorganisms. Our patent-pending technology consists of two separate tests, The Air & Surface Test™ and The Flower Test™.

Knowing what grows in your facilities—beside you’re intended growth mediums—is vital to all plant health. Each designated room contains its own biomes, as you move from room to room, there are microorganisms that live on our cloths, hands, and feet, as well as on surfaces and in the air. That means the plants and products grown in clean and sterile environments around the facility, may have potential harmful microbials lurking in, or on these holistic plants. That’s where The Growbial System can help!

The Growbial System™ – Your Microbial Surveillance System

The Growbial System is designed for simplicity and peace of mind and comes with everything you need to run microbial testing. As you focus on growing exceptional plants and products, The Growbial System is quietly monitoring your grow for harmful microbes, leaving you to concentrate on other pressing matters. The system detects, quantifies and notifies you of any problems, while offering efficacy along the way.

Training for The Growbial System is done through our Online Learning Center or, through one of our trusted EZ Micro Labs staff. We show you how to setup The Growbial System, how to run The Air & Surface Test and The Flower Test, securing the test samples, use of the proprietary app with quantified reports and analysis, and disposal of used materials. Over time, our AI technology will learn your cultivation facility, predicting potential hot spots where microbial infection may occur, and offering time to correct any potential issues. The process allows you to confidently pass all state compliance testing before state testing occurs.

Your grow house is a living environment that needs constant monitoring to protect it from harmful pathogens and microbes. The Growbial System offers an automatic refill process that ensures you have the necessary supplies every month to keep your grow healthy and free of microbials.

On-Site Portable Lab

EZ Micro Labs The Growbial System is an on-site portable microbial lab with sophisticated patent-pending technology that detects what’s growing in and around the facility besides your stellar plants. This small, self-contained lab is simple and easy to use with minimal setup time. The on-the-go microbial lab contains everything you need to conduct testing, including a proprietary app with step-by-step processes, removing any guesswork or uncertainty. By utilizing The Growbial System, The Air & Surface Test and The Flower Test, you can mitigate the harmful effects of microbials at the source, safeguarding plants and products alike.

Microbials & Compliance Testing

Microbial testing is crucial and required throughout the world, specifically in regulated environments where products are ingested. State law requires facilities to test final batches and submit to state approved labs, where rigorous testing is done to confirm a safe product. Once a certificate of analysis is issued, your company may only just be finding out if there is a microbial issue within its facility, its plants or, final products. Depending on state law, compliance testing results mandate the destruction of an entire batch or, crop.

Harmful molds, yeast, and other bacteria pose risks to our precious health. By testing the air and surfaces throughout your cultivation facilities, in addition to final products, you ensure a product that is safe for consumption and free of microbials, while also eliminating potential financial loss.

The Growbial System, The Air & Surface Test and The Flower Test allows you to stay ahead of potential pathogens, letting you know where issues are and eliminating them at the source, taking failure out of compliance testing results.

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